Visit the villages, enjoy history

  • Villages and history

Villages and history

Nestled at the heart of Sidobre
My village, my granit !
A former granit carver

Visit the villages, enjoy history

 Brassac built on the banks of the river Agout amidst a buoyant natural environment, is notorious for its two-arch bridge and its castles. But Brassac also has a privileged location right in the middle of the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park.

Going to Lacrouzette means experiencing a pilgrimage into the land of granite.  In the Notre-Dame du Granit church, Nicolas Greschny painted a frescoe of the Apocalypse in 1959 and in 1994, the local carver, Jacques Bourges, sculpted the majestic  engraving of the aisles.

Visit  Saint Salvy  de la Balme and its granite-framed houses, the trompe-l’œil wall, the townhall façade …Go to  la Balme,  the largest chaos in Sidobre.

At Burlats, discover the story of the violet-eyed Princess  Adelaide,  Adam’s house, the Collégiale, Adelaide’s Garden lodge or the Bistour tower … romantic places inhabited by poetry and legends. So many exciting surprises to come …

Discover the typical heritage of Roquecourbe on the banks of the river Agout, strolling along its lanes to have a look at the corbelled half-timbered houses on the main square/in the centre. On your way out, do not miss the Sainte Juliane archeological digs. 

Visit the villages of Sidobre

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