A world of legends

Strange stones
Each rock has it's own legend
Conteur du soir
Its outstanding landscape is unique in Europe:  over a hundred km2 of wavering rocks, standing stones, rocky rivers and cascades, chaos, lakes, streams, forests …

285 million years ago, some magma pushed up from the very core of the Earth, but never reached the surface... It remained locked up under thick layers of shale until, after slowly cooling down, it turned up into coarse-grained solid rock: granite. Over time, granite broke up, water permeated through the cracks and joints (diaclases) and disaggregated into granitic sand (mineral residues). All these mineral residues were wahed farther away by rainwater; that is how some boulders ended up precariously sitting on top of others: that is how Sidobre was born.
Mining and processing
Granite mining underwent dramatic changes within a century; the invention of explosives, of electricity and the development of machines that enabled deeper extracting of purer granite as early as the 1950s. And, in the areas where stone cutters were already shaping boulders, quarries and processing plants were developed.
Today, the Sidobre granite is to be found everywhere French villages (kerbs, gravestones, paving …) but also elsewhere:  the Champs Elysées pavements, the Singapore underground, the Frankfurt airport …

Les balades de JO
The Sidobre mysteries are best explored, whether on foot or by car,by following the routes indicated on the spot. The interpretive panels and the stories they tell will be your guide.  

Start at the La Maison du Sidobre to understand how this amazing landscape was born. Games, brochures, log book will tell you about the successive stages that shaped this granite bedrock.
Choose the 15-minute interpretive trail to start with.

A peaceful haven between oaks, pine trees and birches, Ssidobre abounds with magic places.
Peyro Clabado is a 780 –ton rock precariously sitting on hardly 1 square meter..., the Saut de la Truite is a 25-meter high rocky cascade, the Trois Fromages look like piled up “camemberts”! … Take a walk between legends and nature, among these bewildering stones, there lies the true history of the land and its people.

The historical name of the  Plateau de Crémaussel, overlooking the Agout valley, is « puechpeyrou” (rocky hill). No wonder that this is the place where you will find the largest accumulation of strange stones in Sidobre.
Under the shade of trees and surrounded by all the ancient or more recent legends hovering over the stones, these mysterious shapes enchant this magic land have kept  fascinating kids and grownups alike for ages,.
1h30 to complete the tour, only 45 minutes for a shorter loop.
Follow the sheperds’ paths as far as the Peyremourou rock (municipality of Ferrières), an incredible stone overlooking an impressive view. A few shepherds used to live in this quiet village. Everyday, they would take their sheep up to graze on the steep hillsides. From Pébiau (ox foot) as far as Peyremourou , the grass was cut , the whole land was cultivated : a 1h-walk
 Sidobre does not come free, you want to explore it. Feel like a child again and roam  the land while listening to the stories and legends of this land of stones and water. 

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